Veteran Job Opportunities – Finding Work While Still Serving Your Country

People who serve in the military are brave, and devote their lives to something bigger than themselves. However, despite being in the military, soldiers are not necessarily paid for their time and self-sacrifice, and it becomes necessary to find another job on top of the one they already have.
For military soldiers, whether they are stationed in America, or are stationed in a country like England and are heading back to the United States, job opportunities are not easy to come by.
These brave men and women need to look for work with companies that are military friendly. Below is information on companies that are military friendly and look to employ service veterans.
Work From Home Companies 
One option that military soldiers have is the chance to work from home. There are many companies that want people who can work from home, and they are free to do things like set their own schedules. With that there is a word of caution, and that is that there are a lot of companies out there that are looking to scam people. There is a lot of legitimate work from home companies that do need people, and with an office set up, people can be soldiers by day, and work-at-home agents by night.
Military-Friendly Companies
Being a soldier is a great career choice, and when soldiers returning to the United States are in need of work, there are a variety of companies out there that are more than willing to hire veterans.
Because of their possible deployment at any time, a lot of corporations are not willing to hire soldiers, but there are plenty that are willing, able, and welcome to opening their doors for these men and women service. Some of the military-friendly companies include Disney, La Quinta Hotels, MetLife, and Amazon.
Working For Other Parts of the Government
Being in the military means being part of the Federal government. But what if you wanted to work for another part of the government in your spare time? If the need for additional income arises, then soldiers do have that option.
The IRS, also known as the Internal Revenue Service, has jobs for military, and they offer both seasonal and part time work. In addition to the IRS, there are other branches of the government that are very interested in soldiers for the simple fact that they are already “part of the family” and they know that soldiers have the skills and talent to help in other parts of the system.
Other Internet Jobs
There are a lot of jobs available for people who have a computer and a good, solid, Internet connection. For military soldiers that need ways to supplement their income, there are many jobs on the web such as blogging, freelance writing, web designing, and anything else that will pay people for their computer skills. The best part about some of these jobs is the fact that the workers can set their own schedule, or they can elect to just work on weekends.
Soldiers are men and women that are dedicated to serving their country and making sure that everyone that lives within it are free. However, while being a soldier is a good job, it may not be enough for these same men and women who have bills to pay and children to raise.
Sometimes veterans need a second job that can be part-time, or full-time.  These type of second jobs are not easy to find.  This is because some soldiers are stationed in other countries, like England, but will soon return to the United States.
What do soldiers do when they are back in the United States, and need to find either part-time or full-time employment?
Believe it or not, there are a lot of job opportunities available for soldiers, men and women, that may need something to help them make ends meet. Not only are there openings in the government, such as with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), but there are also other companies which are considered to be military-friendly.
Soldiers sacrifice a lot in order to keep their country free, especially in America, and there are plenty of veteran job opportunities that they can turn to for part-time or full-time work in order to help them earn a little bit of extra money on the side.

Solihull UK – Home of the Land Rover

One of the sparsely populated areas according to the Domesday survey of 1086, Solihull has not yet been recognized as it is today, but was regarded as the Manors of Ulverlei and Longdon. The founding of the St. Alphege Church around 1220 initiated the formation of Solihull, and by 1942, it increased enough to hold a weekly market within a center set in its scattered population and woodlands.

The manors eventually declined and for the next 600 years, Solihull continued to prosper with their main livelihood built on farming, as well as the manufacture of hunting weapons and agricultural means. Skilled blacksmiths filled the land and cleared woodlands with trees as the source of fuel for fire. Halls were established and at the end of the 18th century, it held its own County Court, Petty Sessions Court and has become solid ground of agricultural area of various small farms. The markets and fairs extended to Birmingham and the villages of Tanworth and Henley-in-Arden.

In the 19th century, Solihull became renowned as a remarkably delightful town, enveloped in harmony between its people, no matter whether they were rich or poor. Latter years brought about a major change as it became a dormitory town for Birmingham artisans and industrialists. Small villas, larger houses turned it from rural to urban scenery. This development along with the availability of great lands, attracted several firms, small and medium sized, including the Rover Company which positioned itself as a factory in Lode Lane. Then the 1920s paved the way for the connection between Coventry, Warwick and Stratford Roads, with the addition of factories, fields, schools and real estates. However, even after repeated German bombing raids and damaged neighboring sites during World War II, Solihull escaped intact where some attacks landed are now covered by the Land Rover Plant.

Town In Country
Today, this town in the West Midlands of England houses a population of 94,573 which is the administrative center and comprises the largest area in the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull, with a population of 200,400. It is one of the most prosperous, flourishing towns in the English Midlands and regarded as the best place to live in the UK, as named by the uSwitch Quality of Life Index in November of 2013. The residents are referred to as Silhillians, and abide by the motto of Solihull, which is Urbs in Rure or Town in Country.

Home to the four-wheel-drive car manufacturer, Solihull, UK holds the Land Rover’s main production plant located at the east side of the health district of Lode. British Leyland’s car production’s rationalization around the late 1970s almost took away all of Solihull’s major British car brands. All car production except Land Rover vehicles were put to a halt. Land Rover and Range Rover as specialized lines of the previous Rover company remained intact. The distinction of the two plants in Cowley, Oxfordshire and the assembly plant in Longbridge created a stable situation from then on. They released new models including the Discovery in 1989, and Freelander in 1998, followed the production of more vehicles.

A test track set up in 1949 was opened to public use for the purpose of exhibiting the Land Rover’s off road capabilities. The original track started at the boiler house and went across numerous wartime air raid shelters, and these shelter tracks were replaced with new factory buildings by 1956. With a smaller demonstration area, the Jungle track was incorporated to the factory and made available to guests. This Jungle track is currently managed by the Solihull Factory Land Rover Experience center.

To date, the Land Rover plant remains competitive and is universally praised for its efficiency and flexibility, which make attracting additional investments possible. The support from this plant allows for continuous improvements to the plant and its production, which in turn creates the opportunity to design next generation vehicles.  This plant is recognized globally and has garnered respect from major auto manufacturing plants.  This in turn brings value to the town of Solihull and enhances its heritage.

Land Rover Solihull
History may have had people worried about the plant’s survival but Solihull stood strong, and the Land Rover’s stability and expansion led to new posts where people landed on many dream jobs. The success of Land Rover is demonstrated through their vast employment opportunities, and the growth of this plant in Solihull contributes to the UK car industry as the best place to invest.

Unlimited Job Opportunities in Solihull

Looking for a job can at times prove to be a very difficult job. This is for the fact that several factors have to be put in place; these factors vary from your schedule that will make you be available to do the job itself.

Other factors which include how conducive the place you are planning to look for a job and if the environment will be good for your family if you happen to have one. In that line, you will have to consider if the job that you are to take will interfere with the education of your family members or if the job will keep you away from them.

While trying to think about all these it will be of great importance if one can consider looking for employment in Solihull and even settling in this place. Solihull is a small town in England located southeast of Birmingham. This town considered one of the most prosperous towns in England making it one of the best places to work since it has a lot to offer.

Solihull’s economy allows and makes it very easy to get a job or even start your own job where you can end up employing many people. These jobs run from working as a part time to working as a full time depending on what suits you best.

Most of the employment opportunities here are fulltime like working as a sales advisor or a filling clerk and the pay is encouraging which acts as a good motivation to the employee. This is because he could have the opportunity to go and work as a part timer where he could be earning more given that he would be working for different companies at different intervals.

There are plenty of opportunities in part time jobs for those who feel that they can work for a few hours before heading to do their own business. These kind of work usually vary from sales assistants to recreation assistants, these jobs are usually best for students who are in session and feel that they want to make a few coins when they are not in class.

Over the years, Solihull has experienced a low rate of unemployment as compared to that of England in general. The best part of this is that most of the young generations are working. This means that if you are a nurse or a teacher you are somehow sure of getting a job in this town. Solihull also offers endless opportunities as such are that you can work in the Solihull College, which offer computer science and engineering courses. Here you can work as a librarian, lab technician and lecturer or even you can get employment as a janitor.

The local government also provides unlimited job opportunities to its residents and any one resides there even if you are not a local. These jobs vary, you can land a job to work as a clerk or even you can work as a data collection operative. If at all, you fail to get a job Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council will offer you an opportunity to work as a volunteer. This will help gain the necessary experience needed and within a short time, you will find yourself employed in one of the firms around since the council is a reputable place to work.

Solihull happens to have the best road system and this can be a good thing for those who want to venture in taxi business as a form of employment. This can also be of great benefit to those planning venture in business since it will be easy to transport their products. Availability of the Railway station also proves to be a good source of employment where one can work as a loader or you can work on the cranes if you have some experience on how to handle it.

Solihull also has several stadiums this makes it even much easier for people seeking jobs here to get a job as stewards or as stadium attendants. If you have some coaching experience, especially in rugby you can get a job as the main coach of the Birmingham and Solihull R.F.C that play in the National League 2.

As you have just read there are a number of employment opportunities in Solihull waiting for you.  All you need to do now is contact the ones that appeal to you and apply.

Events in Solihull UK

Solihull is the “Best Place To Live”

Now that may be a bold statement, but in 2013 Solihull was named the “Best place to live” in the United Kingdom, also known as the ‘Gateway to the West Midlands’, Solihull is located nine miles southeast of the center of Birmingham, England.
A trading locale of a millennium ago, Solihull is today featured for its historic architecture which fortunately survived the German bombing raids of World War II which devastated nearby Birmingham and Coventry.
Growth over the past century has been astounding, rising from a population of just 7,500 in 1901 to over 100,000 by the 1960s, causing Solihull to be named a county borough in 1974, an honor bestowed by the Queen herself who must have had a light schedule that day.
Although lacking its own university, and no doubt an embarrassment to educated locals, five universities can be found within a half-hour’s drive in Coventry and Birmingham.
Quite a few main roads pass through Solihull including the A41, the A34, the M42 and the M40, none of which have any meaning to an American but provide Solihull residents with the opportunity to extend diplomatic relations when answering questions about directions from Yanks.
Solihull features a wide of consumer facilities to please even the most energetic shopper. It’s open air shopping center called Mell Square (named after the clerk who designed it) was constructed within space recovered after the destruction of numerous valuable Victorian era homes and the venerable Solihull Congregational Church, leaving former parishioners little to do besides go shopping.
In July of 2002 the Queen herself opened a large new shopping center, no doubt greatly appreciating the tax donations that doting subjects would soon be providing.
Solihull is known worldwide as the locus of the main production facility of the Land Rover 4-wheel drive vehicle, capable of driving almost straight up the sides of mountains and over the carcasses of slain game animals, making it the vehicle of choice for dentists and other African safari hunters.
Solihull features a proliferation of local nature reserves and parks, the areas of which are measured in obscure Elizabethan terms like hectares and therefor completely obscure to westerners.
The River Blythe flowers through sections of Solihull, adding both beautify and moisture to both Tudor Grange and Malvern Parks.
In regards to leisure activities, Solihull is home of the Tudor Grange Park which replaced the old Tudor Grange Sports Centre which was razed to the ground to make room for it in the grand demolition tradition of Solihull history.
Two sports centers for local residents can be found at the original North Solihull Sports Centre which could use a bit of sprucing up, and the newer and vastly more desirable Tudor Grange Sports Centre.
The borough features several youth groups from  both voluntary and statutory sectors, the former being there because they want to be, and the latter forced by authorities to show up.
Solihull Carnival has been a feature of the area since the 1930s and is held in Tudor Grange Park and organized by Shirley Round Table, although Miss Round Table hasn’t commented on her duties much lately.
An annual fireworks display is held on the Saturday that falls closest to the 5th of November which of course is remembered as Guy Falkes Day in honor of the freedom fighter who attempted to blow Parliament sky high with enough gunpowder to invade Panama.
There is truly something for everyone in Solihull with a proliferation of food and drink outlets to satisfy the most demanding palette.
Over one hundred businesses in Solihull Town Centre vie for whatever cash you have remaining after the Queen’s tribute, giving the area its own unique character.
You can get your eyes examined, your head examined, your motor car examined and the foundation of your dwelling examined, all by entrepreneurial specialists within this profit focused mercantile zone.
Getting here couldn’t be easier since there are roads that start all over England and, after enough turns, allow you to drive straight into Solihull.
Solihull is located at the locus of England’s complex network of motorways on the M42 which connects to the M5, links back to the M42, regresses to the M6 yet does not ignore the M1 or the M40.
The Solihull Jazz Festival, a clever profit generating event promoted by the Solihull Business Improvement District which is ever on the lookout for ways and means of increasing revenues.  So this weekend includes live jazz featuring living musicians on not one, but two separate stages in Mell and Touchwood Squares, as well as lesser forms of music in the town center. The 2014 festival attracted 120,000 jazz lovers and other superior individuals.
The Farmer’s Market, located at High Street is chock full of edible produce grown by local farmers within a government-mandated 30-mile radius to ensure both freshness and compliance.
The Solihull Race For Your Life is held in Malvern Park on New Road to raise money for cancer research. This may seem odd  in this area given that scientists already know what cancer is, and it has been cured through widely available natural means so many times over that one loses count.
Nonetheless, the Race for Life 5k event is fun and doable for folks all ages and possessing a defined set of physical abilities, allowing them to run, skip and even dance their way around the course.
The town fathers and mothers of Solihull invite you to visit at your earliest opportunity and spend as much time and have as much fun as you can so that the highly lucrative town center might become even more a tourist destination than it already is. Thank you for your time and hope to see you in Solihull.
ActivSolihull - Street Names

The active streets in Solihull.